Dear Lovely Friends

The book is out in the world and has had some amazing coverage – here’s a piece that was in one of our Sunday newspapers:

And a review in another (the 3rd book in the review):

The sales have been incredible – we just missed out (by 37 books) hitting “The Sunday Times Bestseller List” last week. As far as I understand this is incredible for a book of this type. If you haven’t already got yourself a copy, or were thinking of getting a copy for a dozen or so friends, go ahead and order! Clare would be so thrilled to be a “Bestseller” – and just so you know: I’ve put my money where my mouth is and ordered 5 copies…

I’m in Los Angeles at the moment filming a new TV series, staying with Clare’s wonderful friend Sabrina – who appears in the book being ravaged by a man in a disco-ball crash helmet at the Memorial Party.

Love to you all

Greg xxx