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2 Years

So strange to think that our gorgeous friend died two years ago today. Raise a glass if you’re able and toast her on her way.

There has been lots of lovely press coverage for the paperback of our book that came out last week. It is selling well and I continue to receive so many notes from so many people so grateful for the book being out there – it is such a comfort to know that Aunty Bobs is still being helpful.

Here is a link to one of the talks I did at the Edinburgh Book Festival. It was recorded for BBC Radio Scotland, and is about 40 minutes long, starting about 3 minutes in:

Cor – I just managed to insert that as a link…

I am carrying on the conversation about cancer, death and grief everywhere I go. People seem to be so grateful to be able to talk openly – hopefully we can all try and learn this new language we have not been taught. I am appearing in October at the Cheltenham Festival to do a talk with a Palliative consultant called Kathryn Mannix who has written a beautiful book called “With The End in Mind” about ‘death in the age of denial’ – she and I seem to be Mr & Mrs Death now…

I also appeared on the podcast “You, Me and The Big C”, run by the wonderful journalist Rachael Bland, who died of cancer last week, aged 40. You can find it via your podcast provider or here:

And I am still very much carrying on the conversation with my beautiful sister. She is still very much front and centre in my life, and I assume will be until I get dug in beside her…

Love to all

Greg x

The Book is published in Paperback today!

Dear Lovely Friends

The book has come out as a paperback today. I have done quite a lot of publicity for it over the last weeks and we are already at Number 15 on Amazon!

Please hassle your friends to buy a copy and we can hopefully make Clare’s dreams of being a Bestselling Author a reality…

I will let you know how we do

Love to all

Greg xxx

Updates for you all

Dear Lovely Friends

The book is out in the world and has had some amazing coverage – here’s a piece that was in one of our Sunday newspapers:

And a review in another (the 3rd book in the review):

The sales have been incredible – we just missed out (by 37 books) hitting “The Sunday Times Bestseller List” last week. As far as I understand this is incredible for a book of this type. If you haven’t already got yourself a copy, or were thinking of getting a copy for a dozen or so friends, go ahead and order! Clare would be so thrilled to be a “Bestseller” – and just so you know: I’ve put my money where my mouth is and ordered 5 copies…

I’m in Los Angeles at the moment filming a new TV series, staying with Clare’s wonderful friend Sabrina – who appears in the book being ravaged by a man in a disco-ball crash helmet at the Memorial Party.

Love to you all

Greg xxx

“Not that Kind of Love”

Dear Lovely friends and fellow-travellers with Clare, and latterly me – the long wait is over…

Not that Kind of LoveI have been working with a wonderful publisher, Quercus, on a book of our writings. The essential part of this undertaking was that nothing from the original blog would be edited – this was written over the years as a ‘real time’ piece of writing, an exploration of the day-to-day and a musing of what it all means, sent out to you all, to keep you informed and hopefully keep you amused. Nothing has been added or subtracted from the original blog.

For those of you who followed Clare from the start, you will know that the writing is seldom despairing, often funny and always about Life. And, of course, it is also about Death. And the need to be able to communicate in as healthy a way as possible about this thing that none of us will avoid.

I hope this will be a useful book for the countless numbers of us facing life-threatening illness, and the countless numbers of us caring for the sufferers.

I hope it will be a celebration of my glorious sister, and a testament to her candour, warmth, joy and spirit. She always wanted to be a published author. And now she is.

Not That Kind of Love” will be available from February 15th in the UK. No idea when it’ll hit the bookshops in other parts of the world, but will be able to be ordered online.

I thank you all for following Clare whilst she was still physically with us. You can now have her on your bookshelves.

Love to you all.
Greg (still typing with a bent finger) xxx

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